Covid-19 has been nothing but a nightmare for the education sector. It interrupted traditional schooling and pushed children out of school. The lockdown in response to tackle Covid-19 had to shut down the schools worldwide, due to which 1.2 billion children in 186 countries got affected. Children who were supposed to hone their practical skills were compelled to stay at home out of helplessness. 

It had made parents worry since there was a sudden full stop to their children’s growth. Children were caught spending time on television and phones rather than books. Covid-19 instilled indiscipline and laziness among children, which affected their lifestyle and overall well-being. The risks imposed by Covid-19 to children were huge as children were losing confidence and falling behind by their peers. It certainly impacted their lives. Moreover, training institutes suffered huge losses that were providing education through traditional methods such as walk-in classrooms.

However, due to modernization, the education sector took initiatives to introduce eLearning education to bring the future of education on track. Portals such as Byju’s, a veteran in the industry, attracted more and more children and training institutes to take a path to online education. 

eLearning education is the future of modern education:

eLearning education made its way to our lives during the Covid-19 crisis and saved children’s future. Virtual learning through online teaching skyrocketed and became a trend. Children are getting an education from the comfort of their home, enhancing their knowledge and honing their skills. eLearning education revolutionized traditional schooling and became the most effective source of imparting education.

Live lectures, video conferencing, online presentations, and courses have become the new norm of education. The use of the characters, animations, gaming, visuals, and more have grabbed the children’s and teachers’ attention and made learning more effective and efficient.

eLearning education has become more valuable in our lives as it eases life and revolutionizes learning in so many ways as: 

  • It accommodates every student’s needs. Children can acquire knowledge at any time of the day at their convenience.
  • Children can get access to the lectures wherever they want.
  • They get updated content that is in synchrony with the modern learners.
  • Online learning delivers lessons quickly as compared to traditional classroom lessons. It helps save time and energy for both the teachers and students.

 Apart from the ever-growing importance of eLearning education, it offers innumerable benefits such as:

  • eLearning education is cost-effective. Students save a massive amount of money on travel and accommodation costs. Moreover, eLearning education saves costs on printing as well.
  • It promotes self-paced learning. Students can learn what and when they want at their convenience.
  • It leads to better retention as it comprises interactive content which makes the learning interesting. The more the content visually appealing is, the better the retention rate is. Learners grab information faster and better when it comes to eLearning education.
  • eLearning education offers personalization. eLearning makes it possible to cater to every individual’s needs. They can learn what they decide to. eLearning education makes it comfortable for those who prefer individual learning to groups.
  • It is scalable. Teachers can call out as many students as they want in one go. They can reach out to as many individuals as they wish, which helps save time and energy.
  • eLearning education is consistent. The course is the same for every student eliminating susceptible pedagogical methods.

There is no doubt that eLearning is gaining so much popularity and becoming everyone’s favorite. The drastic transition to online learning in the pandemic has introduced numerous advantages to the students, institutes, and teachers. The eLearning education comes with engaging content, ready-to-use templates, attractive graphics, animations, and effective colors that instantly catch learners’ attention and help teachers deliver high-quality content. 

Below are some exciting eLearning templates that make the learning session informative and fun for both the students and teachers. Browse the collection of these templates to deliver engaging courses on varied topics. What’s more interesting is that these templates are ready-made and require less or no effort in customization.

Template 1

Provide your students with a language training course using an innovatively designed language training course. The template comprises attractive visuals to get the attention of the students. Download this easy-to-use template and encourage students to learn a foreign language innovatively. Here’s the link and Screenshot below:-

Template 2

Highlight the importance of child healthcare, showcasing a professionally designed template. Incorporate this visual to show your audience ways to provide your child with sufficient care. Grab this customizable template now! Here’s the link and Screenshot below:-

And so on!!


Elearning education has made lives convenient and better. The Covid-19 has caused a significant surge in the usage of eLearning education. It has not only made learning captivating and informative, but it is also easily accessible. However, we are still required to explore its full potential as eLearning education offers much more than interactive lessons. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this new-age learning is the future and has turned out to be victorious in a time of crisis.

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    Say you downloaded some templates from our Free & Premium Storyline template library to create an eLearning course for yourself or your clients. However, you want to tweak a few changes here and there in the templates.

    We’ve put together a guide of the list of changes and steps to help you edit the template so that you don’t have to splurge your valuable time to go through various articles or tutorials to do that.

    We’ll be covering the following topics in this article –

    1. Import the Slide
    2. Change the picture
    3. Change the text
    4. Slide Master

    1) Import the slide –

    Let’s say you already have a template or suppose you choose and download one of our templates, as shown in the screenshot below and you want to import our slide into an existing storyline source file.

    The steps you need to follow are:

    a) Open your existing storyline source file in which you want to import the template

    b) Then go to file> import> storyline and select the file

    c) Once you choose the file, you will see several slide options. Select the slide that you want to import and hit import. 

    2) Change the picture –

    If you want to change the existing picture on the slide with the picture of your choice, all you have to do is:

    change image

    a) Right-click the picture on the slide> replace picture> select the picture of your choice from the file

    The picture will be replaced on the slide.

    3) Change the text –

    You can easily replace the text by following the given steps:

    a) Select the text box on the slide and replace the text with your content.

    4) Make Universal Change to every Slide with Slide Master –

    Now you can make changes in one slide and maintain consistency in all the slides with the use of Slide Master. It lets you make changes across the slides by only adjusting them. 

    Let’s say you want to add a picture, shape, or text in Slide Master-

    a) Open your file> select view> choose slide master> insert picture/shape/text 

    b) Once you insert the required shape, text, or image close the master view. To do so, go to slide master> close master view.

    This step prevents you from replacing or adding the shape, image, or text in each slide manually.  Just add what you want in the first slide using Slide Master and you will have the same layout or design on each slide.

    And you are done! Select your favorite templates, edit them to suit your branding needs, and present them to your audience in style.

    We bring you a fantastic selection of articulate storyline templates on several topics such as health, business, marketing, engineering, mechanical, sales force, and more. Browse through this beautiful collection and choose the one that suits your requirements.

    Good luck!

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      However, if you would like the content to be converted by us, there are two factors to be kept in mind – cost and time. Both are directly proportional to each other. To explain further:


      The cost of conversion depends on several factors. First and foremost being, the availability of the source file, graphical assets and published files. The availability of the source file makes the conversion relatively easy and avoids the creation of course from scratch. If the source code is not available, then we have the option of screen recording the content but that takes longer as the text will have to be extracted using other tools. Also, screen recording works in the content that is not interactive.

      The other factor to be considered in cost is, requirement of any updates or creating new elements like instructional strategy or inclusion of games/quizzes. Would you like to have any enhancements done? All these will factor-in in the cost calculation.


      The time taken for conversion is dependant on the complexity of the course because there exists feature disparity between Flash and Articulate 360. The extent of responsive design required, level of interactivity, duration of the course, complexity of the animation, improvement in graphical assets etc. are few of the pointers that will lead us to calculate the time for conversion. It is important to mention that the animation may not be an exact copy of Flash because Adobe features may not be replicated in Articulate Storyline.

      Invariably the option to outsource conversion will work out to be an expensive option. We have come up with a cost and time effective solution. We give you the option to download free Articulate Storyline templates. You will be amazed to see the array of templates and the ease of their use. Our templates help you create Flash like content complimented with interactivity and responsiveness.

      OUR USP:
      • VARIETY: We offer free Articulate Storyline templates with wide range themes and designs for variety of domains. You are bound to find templates to suit your need.
      • INVENTORY: We offer 1000+ templates with quiz and games to make your content lively and enable you to deliver visually attractive content.
      • COST EFFECTIVE: Our premium range is offered at a very reasonably price. The inclusion of games, quizzes, sliders etc. makes our template an extremely beneficial bargain.
      • DYNAMIC LIBRARY: Our designers are always at work to add new templates to our inventory. Therefore, you will find the most innovative and creative Articulate Storyline templates with us.
      • EASE OF USE: The template that you desire is just a click away. Download free Articulate Storyline and use them to create your content with ease.

      It is time to take action and to be on top of everything. Do not let the thought of conversion overwhelm you. Download the best Articulate Storyline template suited for your need and begin to convert. Your peace is just a click away!

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        Few Features of Articulate 360 that will easily replace the Flash. So please have a look at these points:

        • Articulate Storyline offers several interactive tools like an option to have a voice-over, integration of animation, insertion of movie clips, etc.
        • It comes with very useful pre-built functionalities like drag and drop, dialler, slider, etc. thus offering a user-friendly UI.
        • Articulate Storyline 360 offers options to include games and quizzes in your course content.
        • Articulate Storyline 360 comes with the added advantage that the content published in Articulate is Scorm compliant.

        It is pertinent to mention that all course content published in Articulate Storyline is Scorm complaint thereby making your content compatible with any eLearning platform. This compliance makes your content more authenticated and adds value to your content.

        With such a strong authoring tool, the conversion of old Flash content into new becomes relatively simpler. In fact, the converted content may prove to be an improvised version. For instance, apart from quiz and games, the slider functionality of Articulate Storyline increases the interactivity of the user even further. Also, the dialler feature is unique to Articulate only.

        The inclusion of games in the content will make the content interesting and collaborative. There is a child in all of us and the opportunity to play a game excites all of us. This is a fun way to impart learning. The games break the monotony of the course and bring back the attention of the user. At eLearning stack you will find free Articulate Storyline templates for games. You can choose a theme and design to match with your topic. The templates are made keeping in mind the best practices to deliver seamless and uniform courseware that is compliant with LMS.

        Similarly, the quiz feature in Articulate Storyline 360 brings about the little challenge and makes the user know his level of comprehension of the course. The score of the quiz gets stored in LMS as Articulate content is Scorm compliant. To save time simply download the quiz template and customize it to your needs. These Articulate Storyline quiz templates can be tweaked easily to match your courseware.

        The unique feature of Articulate Storyline is that it allows two-way communication. The user’s progress and quiz results get communicated to the LMS. This was not possible in Flash. The interactivity is enhanced many folds and will be equivalent to participating in a movie thereby keeping the user engaged all the time. This will infuse life into the content and enable long-term retention.The best part of using this tool is that the look and feel of Flash are not lost but improvised with many folds. We offer around 1000+ Articulate Storyline templates free of cost for your convenience. With the abundance of designs and graphics offered, you will find templates that suit your topic perfectly. The Articulate Storyline templates offer flawless learning experiences across all browsers and devices. Additionally, the consistency in the templates enables the user to identify with the course and connect even more.

        If you are worried about the cost and time then please read our next blog

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          For ages, Flash that has been dominatingthe multimedia industry. Year 2020 will see the end of Flash. In 2017 Adobe decided to stop supporting Flash Player. Consequently, from January 1, 2021, the browsers will not support the Flash content. Have you ever wondered why Flash is becoming obsolete? What could be so compelling to abandon such a huge and successful software?

          The answer is that Flash posed a huge security threat on whichever machine it played on. Data was not safe on the systems that played Flash. Some files of Flash could be used to transfer data from one system to another. Secondly, Flash demanded substantial resources to maintain, i.e., it was heavy on memory etc. Therefore, a few years back Apple withdrew from Flash because Flash was proving to be detrimental for battery life and lead to poor performance. This proved to be the beginning of the end of Flash.

          The next question is that how does the phasing out of Flash affect us? It is pertinent to note that all the content made in Flash will STOP working on any of the browsers; whether it is movies, animation or any other form of multimedia. One of the major impact narrows down to e-learning content made in Flash. All this content will not be supported after December 31, 2020!

          What will happen to the course material made in Flash? Will they all become redundant? Is there a way out from this unnerving situation? To our rescue, we have authoring tools to convert all the Flash content to a compatible platform. Authoring tools are used to convert Flash content into a current browser compatible content. These authoring tools allow you to maintain the interactivity level of the course. Through games and quizzes a user can be encouraged to interact thus making learning long lasting and interesting. Such dynamic features are offered by the authoring tools only. Simply converting Flash into plain videos will kill the purpose of learning. Some of the recommended tools are Articulate Storyline360,Adobe Captivate, Lectora etc. that make the conversion achievable. We at eLearning stack use these tools to make new content and covert Flash content. There are several free Articulate Storyline templates ready for you to start on your own.

          If you wanna know more about Articulate Storyline 360 then please read our next Blog.

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