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May 31, 2022

Updated: May 31, 2022


Moodle has a default feature that captures and displays recent user activity as a block plugin.

Users will notice updates since the previous time they viewed the course if the Recent activity area is enabled.

Admin and Learners are more likely to ignore changes you make, such as tweaks or additions, if they don’t have an exact recollection of the course as they last left it and no way of knowing when to check for a change without it (unless you go out of your way to alert them).

What more you might look for?

  • An analytical report of the time at which the learners are mostly active
  • A downloadable report  in various formats

A few Salient Features of the Plugin are as:

  • Assess the success of course content 

After seeing the courses which are accessed frequently by the learners, you can find the courses more interesting for the learners.

  • Examine how engaging your courses are 

if the learners are regularly attempting the courses in which they are enrolled, it means the content is engaging for them and from here you can get ideas to make the other courses engaging too to attract more Learners and hence resulting benefits in the business.

  • Discover your loyal clientele to upsell your courses.

After you find out the legitimate user base, you can then bring the other courses into their knowledge to sell those as well. This criterion helps to soar your business without spending extra effort on the external audience.


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