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Articulate Storyline: Everything you need to know

Articulate Storyline 360

January 4, 2021

Updated: May 17, 2022


Few Features of Articulate 360 that will easily replace the Flash. So please have a look on these points:

  • Articulate Storyline offers several interactive tools like option to have a voice over, integration of animation, insertion of movie clips etc.
  • It comes with very useful pre-built functionalities like drag and drop, dialler, slider etc. thus offering a user-friendly UI.
  • Articulate Storyline 360offers options to include games and quizzes in your course content.
  • Articulate Storyline 360 comes with the added advantage that the content published in Articulate is Scorm compliant.

It is pertinent to mention that all course content published in Articulate Storyline is Scorm complaint thereby making your content compatible with any eLearning platform. This compliance makes your content more authenticated and adds value to your content.

With such a strong authoring tools, conversion of old Flash content into new becomes relatively simpler. In fact, the converted content may prove to be an improvised version. For instance, apart from quiz and games, the slider functionality of Articulate Storyline increases the interactivity of the user even further. Also, the dialler feature is unique to Articulate only.

The inclusion of games in the content will make the content interesting and collaborative. There is a child in all of us and the opportunity to play a game, excites all of us. This is a fun way to impart learning. The games break the monotony of the course and brings back the attention of the user. At eLearning stack you will find free Articulate Storyline templates for games. You can choose a theme and design to match with your topic. The templates are made keeping in mind the best practices to deliver seamless and uniform courseware that is compliant with LMS.

Similarly, the quiz feature in Articulate Storyline 360 bring about little challenge and makes the user know his level of comprehension of the course. The score of the quiz gets stored in LMS as Articulate content is Scorm compliant. To save your time simply download the quiz template and customize it to your needs. These Articulate Storyline quiz templates can be tweaked easily to match your courseware.

The unique feature of Articulate Storyline is that it allows two-way communication. The user’s progress and quiz results get communicated to the LMS. This was not possible in Flash. The interactivity is enhanced many folds and will be equivalent to participating in a movie thereby keeping the user engaged all the time. This will infuse life in the content and enable long term retention.The best part of using this tool is that the look and feel of Flash is not lost but improvised many folds. We offer around 1000+ Articulate Storyline templates free of cost for your convenience. With the abundance of designs and graphics offered, you will find templates that suit your topic perfectly. The Articulate Storyline templates offer flawless learning experience across all browsers and devices. Additionally, the consistency in the templates enable the user to identify with the course and connect even more.

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