Moodle provides a default feature wherein recent activities of users are captured and displayed as in a block plugin.

When the Recent activity section is enabled, users will see updates since the last time they viewed the course.

Without it, students and coworkers are more likely to overlook changes you make, such as adjustments or additions, because they don’t have a precise recall of the course as they last left it and have no means of knowing when to search for a change (unless you go out of your way to alert them).

What you also might want to know.

  • An analytical report of the time at which the learners are mostly active
  • Which  are the active Learners  in different courses
  • users who never have accessed the courses and are inactive.
  •  A downloadable report  in various formats 

All that has been made possible with the plugin Users Recent Access Report which has been created by the eLearningstack team to serve the needs. This Plugin allows Admin to see a list of users when they recently accessed the LMS using filters like Course and Duration. There are also the options to download the report in pdf as well as CSV format.

Here are a few salient features of the plugin

  • the download report feature helps the LMS admin keep track of users for better analysis.
  • you can download separate reports for the active users as well as inactive users.
  • there is also the privilege to find inactive users in the courses who never accessed any course in which they are enrolled.

What values can be derived from this plugin?

– Gauge the effectiveness of the course content

By finding the courses which are accessed more, the effectiveness of the courses can be determined as it keeps the learners stuck to the courses.

– Analyse how engaging your courses are

By finding the courses which are accessed more by the learners, you can define more such courses to attract Learners.

– Find the Active users to further engage them

The users who access the courses more actively can further be engaged in different courses by knowing their activities and interests.

– Find out the loyal audience to upsell your courses

After you find a loyal audience that accesses your courses regularly you can then retain them to buy other courses as well. hence, this way you can uplift your business.

– Know the reasons behind Inactive users 

After looking into the inactive users, you can find what were the causes behind not attending the courses and what could be done to engage them in courses.

If you are seeking a plugin that provides comprehensive functionality, this is the best alternative for your company’s requirements. Visit the link to learn more about its fascinating features.

What you are waiting for, soar your business today with the plugin!

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    In moodle, when you give your quiz a time restriction, it indicates that the quiz taker must answer and submit all of the questions within the time limit. Aptitude tests, college entrance examinations, and employee knowledge testing are all prominent uses for time constraints. Time limitations can help participants stay focused, be demanding, and reduce the risk of students researching solutions unjustly.

    Participants begin the timer when they click Start Quiz directly from the quiz URL. Quiz takers will automatically go to the next page after the time restriction has expired (if a time limit is set for each quiz page). If a time restriction has been established for the whole quiz, the exam will be submitted for scoring. Moreover, even if a learner leaves the test in between before the expiry of time, the quiz submits automatically.

    So, what you might look for in the quizzes as an Admin or student?

    The has designed the Stop Quiz Timer plugin keeping in mind all the requirements that allows you to do as below.

    -Setting up a timer to access and resume the quiz at any moment. 

    This admin-configurable plugin shows a timer based on the time period selected. When the user exits the quiz and returns, a timer appears for the quiz, which starts from the time the user exited.

    -Provision to start a new attempt

    You may also look for Re starting a fresh quiz, with this has become easier with the plugin, Just click on the button and here you go with a new start.

    Downloadable report in varied format

    Admin configurable reports in various formats, which shows the time pending to complete the quiz.

    If you are seeking a plugin that provides such functionality, then this is the best alternative for your requirements. Visit the website to learn more about its fascinating features for eLearning.

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      Moodle has a default feature that captures and displays recent user activity as a block plugin.

      Users will notice updates since the previous time they viewed the course if the Recent activity area is enabled.

      Admin and Learners are more likely to ignore changes you make, such as tweaks or additions, if they don’t have an exact recollection of the course as they last left it and no way of knowing when to check for a change without it (unless you go out of your way to alert them).

      What more you might look for?

      • An analytical report of the time at which the learners are mostly active
      • A downloadable report  in various formats

      A few Salient Features of the Plugin are as:

      • Assess the success of course content 

      After seeing the courses which are accessed frequently by the learners, you can find the courses more interesting for the learners.

      • Examine how engaging your courses are 

      if the learners are regularly attempting the courses in which they are enrolled, it means the content is engaging for them and from here you can get ideas to make the other courses engaging too to attract more Learners and hence resulting benefits in the business.

      • Discover your loyal clientele to upsell your courses.

      After you find out the legitimate user base, you can then bring the other courses into their knowledge to sell those as well. This criterion helps to soar your business without spending extra effort on the external audience.

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        Using PayPal, users can subscribe to online courses. PayPal enrolment may be configured or deleted using this plugin for any course.

         By enrolling or unenrolling users, you may control the number of people who have signed up for your course. Using the PayPal Moodle Plugin; it is possible to turn potential customers into paying clients.

        LMS owners’ Wish-list:

        Almost every website owner looks for opportunities to expand the business. The discount coupon is one such means to give a massive push to sales.  

        In order to assist administrators in creating discount coupon codes for any course and generating information on the efficacy of such discount codes, has created a  plugin Discount Coupon & Paypal Enrolment, which will help you increase your sales and scale your platform.

        So, here how eLearningstack’s plugin does helps you with

        • Provides you the options to create discount coupons to attract more customers,
        • You can manage discount coupons in order to reuse an old code or sometimes delete and add a new one.
        • Gives you the Privilege to generate reports

        How can you attract customers and increase sales?

        You can quickly boost your sales. Discounts aren’t just good for your clients. They also help your business as they boost your reputation and attract loyal customers. 

        Create the codes and manage them using this plugin, you can now create unique discount coupon codes for the entire course.

        The admin can choose to delete old coupon codes if they are not required anymore and continue with the ones that have proven to be beneficial to the business after analyzing the cost-benefit ratio. 

        How you can get the best out of reports?

        Using eLearningStack’s plugin, the administrator can generate a reliable report as to the performance of the courses offered by them. 

        How can the Discount Coupon & Paypal Enrolment plugin help your online learning platform?

        The most prominent features of the plugin are as: 

        • Administrators can make courses available, accessible, and affordable to all clients in today’s ever-changing era of digital learning.
        • The perfectly curated coupon codes will make the learning affordable and, hence, you will attract a lot of new customers, which will increase your enrolments to the next level.

        So, if transparency, ease of usage, and business expansion are what you are looking for, then don’t waste your time looking elsewhere go to  to use this plugin today and allow your business to soar.

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          Instead of diverting from the course page, the Pop-up activities course format in moodle offers materials and easy activities integrated into modals. Furthermore, alerts notify professors, students, and other Moodle users of events such as new forum posts, due assignments, and badges granted. In the notifications menu at the top of the screen, new notifications are indicated by a number.

          What more you might look into for your Learners?

          • Receive notifications for unfinished actions.
          • Navigate to activities from the alert window 
          • Access activities from the dashboard

          Here, has come up with one such plugin which covers all your requirements

          As soon as the learner logs in to their accounts, this admin-adjustable plugin will be added as a block. 

          • This allows Learners to reach their pending actions directly from the Pop-up message which will be received every time they log in.
          • The learners will see the pop-up alert repeatedly until the tasks are completed.
          • As learners, all your important to-do tasks will stay in front of you along with being notified in the pop-up window
          • Learners, on the other hand, may check their pending actions from the dashboard if they missed them through the notification window.

          What business values can be derived from this plugin?

          • Through this plugin, as the users will be alerted of their pending activities every time they log in, this will increase the quest in learners to complete their courses and get enrolled into other courses on moodle resulting in boosting your business.
          • Seeing Learners, approaching the activities from the pop-up window, will derive you to use the plugin for all your LMS sites to increase Learner involvement in the courses.

          As a result, if you’ve been seeking a way to provide your students with a seamless experience, your quest is over!

          Browse more exciting features of this plugin for eLearning topics at Pending Activities Pop-up Alert

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            The Moodle default Paypal Enrolment plugin allows you to set up a paid course subscription process to grant access to the learners. An administrator must enable the Moodle PayPal plugin, and individual pricing for the course can be specified if necessary. When a user clicks on a course link to enroll, they are re-directed to a PayPal page that requests payment. However, redirecting users to an external PayPal page is actually a bothering process and may sometimes make the user lose interest. 

            How convenient it might be for LMS admins, if

            🡺 There is an option to retain the user’s right on the LMS site itself for making payment

            🡺 Further, if there is an option to offer discount coupons to attract more customers

            🡺 Availability of MIS reports and invoices to keep track of their sales and revenue earned.

            So, here comes the PayPal Pro Enrollment & Discount Coupon Plugin custom developed by wherein the above requirements have been manifested. A few salient features of this plugin are:

            • On-Page Transactions

            This Plugin allows Moodle LMS owners to provide a seamless experience to their learners by collecting payments within the LMS site itself, rather than requiring the clients to leave the LMS website.

            • Discount Vouchers

            You can Boost up your sales by offering the option of bringing discount vouchers to the table for your learners. As soon as the payment has been processed, the user is automatically enrolled in the course; the administrator can fully prepare a report that includes a check on the discounted transactions.

            • Generate reports 

            The administration adjustable essence also includes the capability of creating reports assessing the number of orders completed based on selected time intervals, leading to the identification of authentic users who have arrived at your LMS site. 

            • Report Filters

            The report may be filtered by date range or by a specific user/coupon code in order to do a more in-depth examination of the efficacy. 

            • Generate Invoices

            As an added benefit of using this plugin, the administrator also has the ability to generate invoices when any buyers make payments toward a course. An email will then be sent to the customer containing the exact invoice.

            What Are the Advantages of Using PayPal Pro with Your Moodle Platform?

            Seamless Transactions

            With the PayPal Pro plugin, you will have the ability to collect payments directly on the LMS website, which will save you the time and effort of having to redirect them to the PayPal website to complete the transaction. 

            View transaction History

            Users, who have registered for the course using this Plugin, as well as their transaction history, can be viewed by the administrator.

            Keep Track of purchases

             Invoices are required in order to keep track of the purchases made by the user; in this Plugin, the administrator can produce invoices for certain users. 

            Producing Referrals

            The user can record his or her transaction from the invoice just for the purpose of reference in the future. 

            Excellent Moodle Coupon Management Plugin

             It gives choices for the administrator to handle the expired coupons in their database. 

            If you are seeking a plugin that provides comprehensive functionality, this is the best alternative for your company’s requirements. Install it in the usual way and you can begin managing your payments right away. Visit the website to learn more about its fascinating features for eLearning websites

            So what are you waiting for? Use the Paypal Pro Enrollment & Discount Coupon Plugin to transform your LMS today!

            Note* for Developers:

            • Make sure to add links for:
            • Where ever you find: the website “”
            • Where you find “Name of the Plugin”
            • And where it is specified “ plugin ” i.e particularly talking about our plugin.

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              Download certificate in moodle which is added as a block shows all previously given certifications without requiring you to go inside each course. The certificates can also be downloaded straight from the block report. It may also be used for courses that need to be preserved but students still want to be able to get their certificates. Make sure the course visibility is set to “Enrolled users only” and that all other resources are hidden except the certificates. All previously issued certificates can now be downloaded as a Zipped file, which is a new feature.

              But what If you want the certificate sent directly to your Learner?

              So, here comes the Instant Download certificate plugin created by eLearningstack. The plugin along with downloading the certificates directly from the dashboard gives the privilege to email as well.

              Salient features of the Plugin

              • Instant certificate download

              The admin can access all the allotted certificates to different users from his dashboard. Also, the Leaners can access their certificates.

              • Download and send email

              The admin or learner has also been given the privilege to download certificates as well as to send them in email with just a click when mail is configured. The admin can send certificates to several learners. On the other hand, the learners can self-email their certificates.

              • Repository for future use

                     All the allotted certificates can be accessed in the future as well. So, you never lost your certificates achieved.

              What values it can give to your Business?

              This plugin helps you to retain your users’ interest as they will get the entitled certificates as and when required. Thus, this plugin will act as a repository for the user base with its extremely effective features.
              If you are seeking a plugin that provides such functionality, then this is the best alternative for your requirements. Visit the website to learn more about its fascinating features for eLearning websites.

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                Moodle maintains track of every user’s activities. As a result, moodle can offer you site activity logs and live logs of various users, as well as information relative to the component, course, IP, description, event, and so on.

                Moodle activity reports are provided in several formats.

                Logs – keep track of everything that happens throughout the course.

                Live Logs – a summary of course activities throughout the last hour

                The number of views for each activity in the course is reported in the activity report. There is no user information included. Report on whether students saw or posted to a certain activity within the course in the previous week.

                What you might be missing?

                Other than that LMS owners are eager to know how many users are reaching out to their LMS Site, what devices and browsers are more preferable to access the sites, and the number of times the site has been accessed.

                So, your search ends here; the has come up with the solution named Users Session Analytical Report Plugin which along with the detailed report gives you the graphical format report for better analysis.

                A few salient features of this plugin are:

                ∙ Quick analytics of user’s used device 

                ∙ Understand which are the reliable users accessing the LMS site

                 ∙ Considerate in taking decisive actions according to user requirements

                 ∙ Groups user count in a graphical format 

                ∙ A detailed and informed reporting of user sessions 

                ∙ Downloadable reports in a various formats

                What values it might deliver to you?

                • To Increase Marketing initiatives: As an LMS owner, you might want to know your user base and countries from where the majority of learners are approaching the LMS site. It has been made exclusively possible as our plugin captures the IP address of users, letting us know the country from where they are accessing the courses. As a result of it, more marketing initiatives can be started there to attract more Learners.
                • To know the usability of devices:  using this plugin you can also find which devices are preferred more during accessing the courses. You may see the Learners are accessing the site through mobile phones which may lead to the requirement of creating mobile applications for the Learners.
                • To know the peak hours: After looking at the user login time in the generated report, you may find when your learners are more active and what you can do to enhance the performance at that time so that your learners do not face any issues while accessing the courses on the site.

                If you are seeking a plugin that provides comprehensive functionality, this is the best alternative for your company’s requirements. Install it in the usual way and you can begin managing your payments right away. Visit the website to learn more about its fascinating features for eLearning websites.

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                  The demand for online training has increased and so has the demand for the platforms to serve the user requirement.

                  Moodle’s Quiz is a fantastic online assessment tool for testing and evaluating Learners. All of the results and grades will be automatically recorded in the course Gradebook, making this a very simple and flexible exercise to use. The quizzes can be used in ways as below:

                  • As far as in-class tests go,
                  • As a follow-up to reading assignments or after the conclusion of a topic.
                  • Exam preparation using questions from previous examinations.
                  • For self-evaluation

                  Features of moodle quiz are as follows:

                  • Quiz level timing

                  Define the assessment period and time limit for the quiz.

                  • Independent question types

                  Add a variety of Question-Types like multiple-choice, true/false, matching, short answer, numerical, essay, and calculated.

                  • Drag and drop

                  Option to drag and drop into text/marker/onto the image, embedded answers (also cloze/fill in the blanks), random short-answer matching, and select missing words.

                  • Multiple questions displaying

                  Ability to show one or multiple questions per page

                  • Add Feedback

                  Create feedback messages and specify the score you’d like to award for each answer.

                  • Shuffle answers/questions

                  Shuffle answers to shuffle the questions for each user to eliminate cheating.

                  • View results

                  You can view the question results of the learners.

                  • Submit open attempts

                  Ability to submit open attempts automatically.

                  • Automated marking

                  Automated marking reduces academic workload.

                  • Question Bank

                  You have the option to add quiz questions to a question bank and make the quiz at a later date.

                  Quizzes do not have a period limit, and this allows learners to spend as much time as they need to complete the quiz. By default, you are only allowed to allocate time for the whole quiz. This will allow you to attempt as many questions within that allocated time.

                  But what If you want to specify a time limit at the question level? Here comes’s Quiz timer plugin, you can manage time-bound quiz assessment in Moodle LMS by setting up a time for each question. You can configure the time at the question level, fixed or dynamic. You can likewise create an insightful report by contrasting the real versus standard time for the student.

                  Some of the highly identified Striking Features of this plugin make it stand out from the rat race.

                  A flexible, easy-to-use plugin that grows with your LMS

                  The quiz timer plugin will display a countdown timer on each question that counts down to a specific time. The countdown timer urges the user to build excitement and create a sense of urgency to complete their tasks.

                  Track your learners’ score

                  It will allow you to track which questions the learner has scored poorly and what’s their average time spent on each question.

                  Give Admin the flexibility in configuring the time.

                  Only the admin has the right to configure the time for the questions so that accordingly they start appearing for the student.

                  Assess the efficiency of learners by comparing actual time spent vs standard allotted time.

                  Track how efficient your learners are in attempting the quizzes.

                  Generate an analytical report based on various filters and use analytical data to create a learning path for learners.

                  Through this data, it can be found which Learners are the highest scorers and which are the least scorers, resulting in the student putting more effort

                  Create the focus by showing the time left.

                  The focus of the user is obtained by establishing the alertness through the timer which will be showing the time remaining to complete the question.

                  If you are looking for integral functionality then this plugin is the right choice for your business needs.

                  Browse more exciting features of this plugin for eLearning topics at

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