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“I’ve been using the PayPal payment plugin for Moodle LMS by eLearning Stack since a long time now, and it has transformed imparting valuable knowledge and enabled generating repeat revenue. Now I can offer course subscriptions and discounts from within the LMS site, significantly increasing revenue, and keep track of transactions with extensive reporting and invoicing features making it easy to stay organized.”

Kalei Stockstill

CEO Assisted Living Facility, Orlando

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“I was hesitant to switch to a new payment plugin, but after using PayPal for Moodle LMS by eLearning Stack, I’m never going back. Subscription based course offering has transformed the way we generate revenue. The security measures are top-notch, and I’ve had zero issues with payments, while having access to pdf & Excel reports to manage transactions”.


SafetyPro (Aviation) Training, Florida


I wish to share my Aha experience using the eLearning Stack’s “Quiz Timer” plugin for our Moodle LMS. Being able to set individual time limits for each question has made our quiz assessments more engaging and personalized for our students, resulting in increased subscription of courses thereby generating significant ROI.”

Keith Tessler


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“I am excited to recommend eLearning Stack’s quiz timer plugin for Moodle LMS that has helped us create amazing experience for knowledge seekers expecting even question level timing of quiz. Wish to highlight key downloadable reports making it easy for us to keep track of our students’ progress and make data-driven decisions to personalize quiz-taking.”


CEO Unifier Social Ventures, New Delhi

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“An Amazing plugin by eLearning Stack has helped us move to the next level of course creation – The unique user session reporting plugin for Moodle LMS. The detailed performance analysis has given visibility of key user activities and progress helping us bring a turnaround in creating modern performance enhancing courses with personalized support to our students.”


CEO AD1 College (an RTO) NSW, AU

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Bravo! What an amazing User Session Analytical Reporting plugin offered by eLearning Stack. We have had an aha experience getting valuable insights of students’ performance, allowing optimization of our courses possible for specific user groups accessing using different devices.


TruestedOne, Netherland


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