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Flash Conversion: Cost and Time Saving Tips

Articulate Storyline 360

January 18, 2021

Updated: February 17, 2021


However, if you would like the content to be converted by us, there are two factors to be kept in mind – cost and time. Both are directly proportional to each other. To explain further:


The cost of conversion depends on several factors. First and foremost being, the availability of the source file, graphical assets and published files. The availability of the source file makes the conversion relatively easy and avoids the creation of course from scratch. If the source code is not available, then we have the option of screen recording the content but that takes longer as the text will have to be extracted using other tools. Also, screen recording works in the content that is not interactive.

The other factor to be considered in cost is, requirement of any updates or creating new elements like instructional strategy or inclusion of games/quizzes. Would you like to have any enhancements done? All these will factor-in in the cost calculation.


The time taken for conversion is dependant on the complexity of the course because there exists feature disparity between Flash and Articulate 360. The extent of responsive design required, level of interactivity, duration of the course, complexity of the animation, improvement in graphical assets etc. are few of the pointers that will lead us to calculate the time for conversion. It is important to mention that the animation may not be an exact copy of Flash because Adobe features may not be replicated in Articulate Storyline.

Invariably the option to outsource conversion will work out to be an expensive option. We have come up with a cost and time effective solution. We give you the option to download free Articulate Storyline templates. You will be amazed to see the array of templates and the ease of their use. Our templates help you create Flash like content complimented with interactivity and responsiveness.

  • VARIETY: We offer free Articulate Storyline templates with wide range themes and designs for variety of domains. You are bound to find templates to suit your need.
  • INVENTORY: We offer 1000+ templates with quiz and games to make your content lively and enable you to deliver visually attractive content.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Our premium range is offered at a very reasonably price. The inclusion of games, quizzes, sliders etc. makes our template an extremely beneficial bargain.
  • DYNAMIC LIBRARY: Our designers are always at work to add new templates to our inventory. Therefore, you will find the most innovative and creative Articulate Storyline templates with us.
  • EASE OF USE: The template that you desire is just a click away. Download free Articulate Storyline and use them to create your content with ease.

It is time to take action and to be on top of everything. Do not let the thought of conversion overwhelm you. Download the best Articulate Storyline template suited for your need and begin to convert. Your peace is just a click away!


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