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Paypal Checkout Enrolment & Discount Coupon

Accept PayPal payments while providing a secure checkout process that you may enhance whenever you choose!. There is less coding. rapid configuration, The checkout process is integrated into your website through the PayPal-Checkout payment method. Our Moodle-Paypal-Checkout Plugin aids in creating a smooth experience for the learners to make payments directly on the LMS site itself without leaving the site.

Key Features

Offer a seamless and secure checkout process to the users
Create and manage specific coupons for courses
Provide additional features or customization choices to enhance the checkout experience
Make payments directly within the LMS site and also have the option for fully secure transaction by redirecting users from the Moodle site to the PayPal website
A standardized email notification describing the enrollment
Easy access to invoices and a straightforward process for creating reports

Salient Features

Coding Standards

All our plugins adhere to the Moodle LMS coding standards and are tested in the most recent versions.

Free Technical Support

Get the free technical support of our tech experts to install the plugins and fix any issue.

New Release Compatible

We regularly work to upgrade the plugins as soon as a new version of Moodle is released.


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