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May 23, 2022

Updated: May 23, 2022


Moodle maintains track of every user’s activities. As a result, moodle can offer you site activity logs and live logs of various users, as well as information relative to the component, course, IP, description, event, and so on.

Moodle activity reports are provided in several formats.

Logs – keep track of everything that happens throughout the course.

Live Logs – a summary of course activities throughout the last hour

The number of views for each activity in the course is reported in the activity report. There is no user information included. Report on whether students saw or posted to a certain activity within the course in the previous week.

What you might be missing?

Other than that LMS owners are eager to know how many users are reaching out to their LMS Site, what devices and browsers are more preferable to access the sites, and the number of times the site has been accessed.

So, your search ends here; the has come up with the solution named Users Session Analytical Report Plugin which along with the detailed report gives you the graphical format report for better analysis.

A few salient features of this plugin are:

∙ Quick analytics of user’s used device 

∙ Understand which are the reliable users accessing the LMS site

 ∙ Considerate in taking decisive actions according to user requirements

 ∙ Groups user count in a graphical format 

∙ A detailed and informed reporting of user sessions 

∙ Downloadable reports in a various formats

What values it might deliver to you?

  • To Increase Marketing initiatives: As an LMS owner, you might want to know your user base and countries from where the majority of learners are approaching the LMS site. It has been made exclusively possible as our plugin captures the IP address of users, letting us know the country from where they are accessing the courses. As a result of it, more marketing initiatives can be started there to attract more Learners.
  • To know the usability of devices:  using this plugin you can also find which devices are preferred more during accessing the courses. You may see the Learners are accessing the site through mobile phones which may lead to the requirement of creating mobile applications for the Learners.
  • To know the peak hours: After looking at the user login time in the generated report, you may find when your learners are more active and what you can do to enhance the performance at that time so that your learners do not face any issues while accessing the courses on the site.

If you are seeking a plugin that provides comprehensive functionality, this is the best alternative for your company’s requirements. Install it in the usual way and you can begin managing your payments right away. Visit the website to learn more about its fascinating features for eLearning websites.


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