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Users Recent Access Report

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Moodle allows the LMS-Admin to keep track of users who logged in but what if the admin needs to scrutinize more information about the user, specific to a course and in a period? That is where eLearingStack.com report comes in handy.


Report Overview

Admin can see the list of users when they recently accessed the LMS along with filters of Time-Window and particular course. This list can also be downloaded as PDF or CSV.


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Business Benefits

Reducing the clutter: Identify the learners' who have not accessed their course for a while and take appropriate step.
Find the active users: Find out the active users in specific category courses and make a sales pitch to such users.
Scrutinized Data: Since multiple data will be populated in this report, the admin has an option to squeeze down data based on the filter available i.e. Course based filters and Date based filters.

Salient Features

Extensive Filtering
Ability to Sort on the Nav Bar Columns.
Minimum Page Reloads For Optimized Performance.

License Terms & Conditions

This Plugin/Block/Extension software may be loaded on not more than one website. To install it on multiple websites, please buy the one and get in touch with us.

This plugin software may not be modified, reverse-engineered, or de-compiled in any manner through current or future available technologies.

This plugin is being offered for use on the given URL only and not for further reselling.

Free upgrades for 1 year to the registered users.

The rights and obligations of this agreement are personal rights granted to the LICENSEE only.

Free technical support to install & configure it.

Get your money back within 7 days. (T&C apply)