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Discount Coupons & Paypal Enrolment

Paypal is a well-established payment method and included in Moodle as default enrolment method. We at eLearningStack.com have developed an enrolment method to create discount coupons and allow learners to make discounted payment through Paypal. The LMS admin can configure the coupons based on % of discount or amount and the same will be applied at the time of payment through Paypal.

The admin can also generate a report checking the discounted transactions. The report is filterable by the date range or a specific coupon code for better analysis of the effectiveness.

So boost up your sales by offering discount coupons through our plugin.



Business Benefits

Attract more customers by offering discount coupon.
Accept both your local as well as the global currencies (as permitted by Paypal).
Use it for both one time course buy or ongoing subscription,
Perform analysis by using our analytical report.

Salient Features

Configure the discount coupons in your LMS site itself.
Use your own Paypal account.
Admin reporting.
Can be further customized to your specific needs.
Moodle Upgrade friendly.

License Terms & Conditions

This Plugin/Block/Extension software may be loaded on not more than one website. To install it on multiple websites, please buy the one and get in touch with us.

This plugin software may not be modified, reverse-engineered, or de-compiled in any manner through current or future available technologies.

This plugin is being offered for use on the given URL only and not for further reselling.

Free upgrades for 1 year to the registered users.

The rights and obligations of this agreement are personal rights granted to the LICENSEE only.

Free technical support to install & configure it.

Get your money back within 7 days. (T&C apply)