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The Emergence of eLearning Education in Covid-19

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September 20, 2021

Updated: March 9, 2022


Covid-19 has been nothing but a nightmare for the education sector. It interrupted traditional schooling and pushed children out of school. The lockdown in response to tackle Covid-19 had to shut down the schools worldwide, due to which 1.2 billion children in 186 countries got affected. Children who were supposed to hone their practical skills were compelled to stay at home out of helplessness. 

It had made parents worry since there was a sudden full stop to their children’s growth. Children were caught spending time on television and phones rather than books. Covid-19 instilled indiscipline and laziness among children, which affected their lifestyle and overall well-being. The risks imposed by Covid-19 to children were huge as children were losing confidence and falling behind by their peers. It certainly impacted their lives. Moreover, training institutes suffered huge losses that were providing education through traditional methods such as walk-in classrooms.

However, due to modernization, the education sector took initiatives to introduce eLearning education to bring the future of education on track. Portals such as Byju’s, a veteran in the industry, attracted more and more children and training institutes to take a path to online education. 

eLearning education is the future of modern education:

eLearning education made its way to our lives during the Covid-19 crisis and saved children’s future. Virtual learning through online teaching skyrocketed and became a trend. Children are getting an education from the comfort of their home, enhancing their knowledge and honing their skills. eLearning education revolutionized traditional schooling and became the most effective source of imparting education.

Live lectures, video conferencing, online presentations, and courses have become the new norm of education. The use of the characters, animations, gaming, visuals, and more have grabbed the children’s and teachers’ attention and made learning more effective and efficient.

eLearning education has become more valuable in our lives as it eases life and revolutionizes learning in so many ways as: 

  • It accommodates every student’s needs. Children can acquire knowledge at any time of the day at their convenience.
  • Children can get access to the lectures wherever they want.
  • They get updated content that is in synchrony with the modern learners.
  • Online learning delivers lessons quickly as compared to traditional classroom lessons. It helps save time and energy for both the teachers and students.

 Apart from the ever-growing importance of eLearning education, it offers innumerable benefits such as:

  • eLearning education is cost-effective. Students save a massive amount of money on travel and accommodation costs. Moreover, eLearning education saves costs on printing as well.
  • It promotes self-paced learning. Students can learn what and when they want at their convenience.
  • It leads to better retention as it comprises interactive content which makes the learning interesting. The more the content visually appealing is, the better the retention rate is. Learners grab information faster and better when it comes to eLearning education.
  • eLearning education offers personalization. eLearning makes it possible to cater to every individual’s needs. They can learn what they decide to. eLearning education makes it comfortable for those who prefer individual learning to groups.
  • It is scalable. Teachers can call out as many students as they want in one go. They can reach out to as many individuals as they wish, which helps save time and energy.
  • eLearning education is consistent. The course is the same for every student eliminating susceptible pedagogical methods.

There is no doubt that eLearning is gaining so much popularity and becoming everyone’s favorite. The drastic transition to online learning in the pandemic has introduced numerous advantages to the students, institutes, and teachers. The eLearning education comes with engaging content, ready-to-use templates, attractive graphics, animations, and effective colors that instantly catch learners’ attention and help teachers deliver high-quality content. 

Below are some exciting eLearning templates that make the learning session informative and fun for both the students and teachers. Browse the collection of these templates to deliver engaging courses on varied topics. What’s more interesting is that these templates are ready-made and require less or no effort in customization.

Template 1

Provide your students with a language training course using an innovatively designed language training course. The template comprises attractive visuals to get the attention of the students. Download this easy-to-use template and encourage students to learn a foreign language innovatively. Here’s the link and Screenshot below:-


Template 2

Highlight the importance of child healthcare, showcasing a professionally designed template. Incorporate this visual to show your audience ways to provide your child with sufficient care. Grab this customizable template now! Here’s the link and Screenshot below:-


And so on!!


Elearning education has made lives convenient and better. The Covid-19 has caused a significant surge in the usage of eLearning education. It has not only made learning captivating and informative, but it is also easily accessible. However, we are still required to explore its full potential as eLearning education offers much more than interactive lessons. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this new-age learning is the future and has turned out to be victorious in a time of crisis.

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