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  • Pending Activities Pop up Alert

    Pending Activities Pop-up Alert

    This block shows up the Pending Activities Alert in a pop-up as soon as the learner logs-in so that the user can see the list of pending activities and also navigate directly to the activity.              

    3.1 to 4.2


  • Instant Certificate Download

    Instant Certificate Download

    This plugin developed by reduces the hassle to go deep into the course to view the certificate.  

    3.1 to 4.2


  • Database Backup Script

    Database Backup Script

    Automated data backup for the moodle LMS is easy with, we provide all the tools for automated backup and transport of important files and data.    

    3.1 to 4.2


  • Discount Coupons Paypal Enrolment

    Paypal Enrolment and Discount Coupon

    Boost up your sale by offering discount coupons in the default Paypal payment method of Moodle. This enrolment plugin will help you manage the discount coupons and allow learners to use while making payment thru Paypal.    

    3.1 to 4.2


  • Users Session Analytical Log

    Users Session Analytical Report

    The Users' Session Analytical Report Plugin is a powerful session analysis tool for your Moodle LMS which gives you the complete analytical report of users reaching your site on regular basis along with detailed information.

    3.1 to 4.2



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