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Any template is supposed to minimize effort in creation of eLearning course. In case of wrong selection, things can turn flip side. A layman can’t select right template because it needs technical understanding. Considering numerous associated aspects, we have brought eight points to think about while selection of eLearning templates:
  • Reflection of objective: every course is created with certain objective. Various components that eventually constitute a course should not be dubious. Check various components of eLearning templates and make sure those are as per requirement of course.
  • Customizability: in any template, there are there are few pre-available components while few are supposed to be added at later stage. Level of customization available and its brand integration factors are important.
  • Navigation: entire content can’t be put on a single page of course. Navigation is a way to roam through course materials. With improper navigation, it wouldn’t be easy to discover various components in the eLearning course.
  • Responsiveness: nowadays many electronic gazettes have come in market, it is extremely important that eLearning template should work properly on all devices.
Few Interesting Facts about eLearning Course In this website, you will find plenty of eLearning templates but apart from that we have unique and informative content for you. Check points below to know more interesting facts about eLearning courses:
  • In corporate world, 80% of employees’ training comes in form of eLearning course.
  • eLearning is the fastest growing part within education sector.
  • By year 2022, eLearning industry will be worth $245 billion.
  • Because of recent pandemic, eLearning sector has seen exponential growth.
  • As of 2021, more than 75% multi-national companies highly rely on eLearning based training.
  • In USA, 64 percent middle school children use various digital learning tools.
  • In a survey across USA, 81 percent college student said, eLearning tools helped them to obtain better grades.
  • In USA, 35 percent candidates didn’t switch to traditional classroom course.
Apart from above written figures, there are numerous other aspects that are concerned with eLearning courses. Check blogs of eLearning-Stack for more. How to Download eLearning Templates? Nowadays, eLearning courses have become integral part of learning. Templates for eLearning course are easily available nowadays. Search engines can connect you with numerous websites where many free and premium both types of eLearning templates are available.


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