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Pending Activities Pop-up Alert

Pending Activity Pop-up Alerts

This pending activity block developed by eLearingStack.com displays a pop-up alert to the learner in a slider as soon as the learner logs-in to the LMS site. All the pending activities are listed course-wise so that the user gets an idea about the pending course-wise activities to focus on. The pop-up allows the user to go to the pending activity straight from the alert window. If there are multiple courses with incomplete activities, all the courses are shown in the alert window.

MOODLE Compatability

The plugin has been tested on the latest version of Moodle and the latest versions of browsers. The plugin follows the Moodle coding standards. It has to be installed in the standard way and upgrade friendly.



Business Benefits

Showing learner a clear roadmap to complete the course
Creating learner engagement and focus
Create motivation in learners to continue attending the course

Salient Features

Get alerted of the incomplete activities on login
Link on the dashboard to see the pending activities
Save time by directly navigating to the pending activities from alert window

License Terms & Conditions

This Plugin/Block/Extension software may be loaded on not more than one website. To install it on multiple websites, please buy the one and get in touch with us.

This plugin software may not be modified, reverse-engineered, or de-compiled in any manner through current or future available technologies.

This plugin is being offered for use on the given URL only and not for further reselling.

Free upgrades for 1 year to the registered users.

The rights and obligations of this agreement are personal rights granted to the LICENSEE only.

Free technical support to install & configure it.

Get your money back within 7 days. (T&C apply)